Day & Night



Brightest light

darkest night

who devised your distinction?

electric blue

ebony glitter

who taught you each to be so sweet and bitter?

after rose colored Moon beams

how blunt the candid Sun seems

after glistening in flame’s warm embrace

how cruel the grip of the frigid void of space

romantic Moon

honest Sun

I could never choose just one


Phantom Love

phantom love

My skin

It sags with the sorrow of your absence

My body wakes each day

but there is no one living inside it

dead memories echo quietly inside me

turning my stomach and chilling my flesh

lost love aches like lost limbs

the memory betrays my senses

Fools me in false comfort

and when I recall my deformity

the pain burns fresh and new

every time

panic insues

every time

and I pray for sweet numbness or insanity

Respectfully, -Yours



You envelop my senses

Each time I close my eyes

Though my psyche is vast

Your shadow is cast

On every corner of my mind

Intertwined you and I

Undefined and thereby

We imply some inadvisable folly

Doomed to lose it all, she says

Who is she if not one

Who was once just as young

And am I to surmise that she

Clung to the rungs of her mothers tongue

And never dissevered to savor the flavor of songs unsung

It would be truly foolish

Impractically rash

To heed such counsel

To swerve and crash

To avoid true love

When it’s within your grasp

To uphold traditions for men of the past

This is YOUR season and I am your love

Neither blazes below nor heavens above

Could ever deprive us of what we’ve acquired

The unyielding passion our love has inspired



The Woes of the Road


I stand between two roads

large monsters race by me

no longer on foot

time creeps up behind me

to my left are the giants trying hard to be poor

they roll single dollars behind closed doors

to my right are the ones getting richer each day

with addictions to feed and mouths to pay

and I stand in the middle

feeling little and weak

I contemplate life

the outlook is bleak

Time’s pushing me forward so steady and slow

Time’s pushing me forcing me out to the road

I could buy me some welfare or sell you my soul

These are my options

the woes of the road

forced smiles grace faces

people praying for aces

playing into the roles of empty souls debases

beauty and truth

we’ve become so uncouth

and we do it to each other

one way or another

by despairing not caring not sharing the wealth

impairing our judgment destroying our health

we do it in silence

In shame we sit idle

together we pick the good parts of the Bible

The parts unobtrusive

the parts that improve

the egomaniacal groove we move to

so STAND UP or sit down

refuse to be budged

no matter your choice

we all will be judged

I prefer to be small

I like to be little

There is peace to be found from within the middle

The rest of the world can do what they will

as I exercise my right to be still